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We try to make creating your Will as easy as possible and to reduce funeral costs with inexpensive Funeral Plans.

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Planning for the future is one of the finest ways you may achieve peace of mind. In the event that you are no longer able to convey your preferences, a will or funeral plan can help.

Everything is taken care of by us.

We take the time to get to know you and your needs, and we explain all of your alternatives to you in language you can understand.

Your loved ones will have one less thing to worry about.

Your loved ones won’t have to deal with tough decisions during a time of grief if you have a Will and Funeral Plan in place.


In all areas of law, we provide a no-obligation initial consultation at no cost to you. In this way, we are able to discuss your legal issue and advise you on the best course of action. In each of our practise areas, we have a team of lawyers that are experts in their fields. For the best possible conclusion, we advise and represent our clients in a proactive and honest manner. Solicitors with a wealth of experience are on your side from the start. To qualify for Legal Aid assistance, you must have a criminal law case. No Win, No Fee for Personal Injury Cases: Our initial consultation is always free and we can offer a No Win, No Fee option. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to meet with you in your house.

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The business of Slam-Productions is conducted with honesty, competence, attention to detail, and devotion. And adheres to the rules of the game in the marketplace.


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Your funeral director or our website can make you a financial offer. Accept the deal by e-signature, email, and text message confirmation. Your funeral director will receive payment straight from you. On the agreed-upon day, you begin the payback process.


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The information needs of Slam-Productions' clients are taken into consideration, and the material provided to them is clear, fair, and not deceptive.


Relationships with the authorities

Slam-Productions has an open and cooperative relationship with its regulators and is required to provide the relevant regulator with any information pertaining to the firm for which the regulator has a reasonable expectation of notice.

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